Marcus Hiles is the individual who transformed the living style of Dallas Texas. Marcus Hiles Dallas Texas news is high with respect to real estate business and home seekers. Marcus Hiles is also involved in philanthropy activities. He founded a company Western Rim Property, a real estate company in the Texas state. Apart from building, the company is deeply involved in various philanthropic activities and various social works. The company has already completed more than 20,000 properties that it has transformed the real estate overall scene in the state of Texas.

Marcus Hiles with the name of his company builds custom houses and luxurious apartments throughout the Texas state. Marcus Hiles Dallas Texas is well known as his properties feature full-fledged amenities and high class facilities. He ensures the properties are in the prime locations. Moreover, he also builds a complete community and each community has best facilities such as recreational halls, playgrounds and cafes. In this way, he ensure the people staying in his constructed houses enjoy luxurious facilities and are not forced to travel far even to fulfill basic needs.

Marcus Hiles Dallas Texas is a real estate tycoon. He is a true philanthropist offering scholarships and grants to student’s underprivileged and also offers jobs in his real estate company to the Texans. He loves Texas State and wishes the people in this state must get more than they expect or other realtors provide. This is one of the valuable reasons for him to offer the best houses to the Texas state people. Marcus Hiles worked hard to ensure success in construction. Thus, people buying houses or properties from him have no worries about maintenance or repairing frequently the properties. Thus, one can live comfortably for many more years. Thus they also save a lot on utility bills as his constructions are the best and energy efficient.