Marcus Hiles, one of the most prominent business and real estate development leaders in the Lone Star state, is particularly aware of Texas’ track record of inviting new companies into the state. “Companies are moving to Texas to take advantage of our business-friendly policies and stable workforce,” he says. Even foreign investors are rushing to the state; they employ more than a half million workers. In the year 2015, exports were of value $251 billion, with a 93 percent growth from the previous ten years in exports with free trade agreement partners. Some of the exports of the state were – $45.4 billion worth of computers and electronics, $44.1 billion in oil and coal products, and $39.9 billion in chemicals. Its biggest trading partner is Mexico, followed by Canada, China, Korea, and Brazil. Marcus Hiles remarks that Texas’ pro-growth strategy encourages more companies coming in, increased numbers of jobs, and increased exports in the years to come. This is as very different situation when compared with states like California, which lost over 1,500 businesses over the past eight years.

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