Every home created and developed by by Marcus Hiles has the advantage of cellulose sound protection as it brings down energy utilization and gives a greener living space. Cellulose is frequently made out of reused waste daily paper, and in light of safety, is synthetically treated with a fire retardant. With the expert fixing procedures used on Hiles properties, cellulose seals walls and decreases convection, aiding effective warming and cooling amid cool and hot seasons, which accordingly decreases service bills. A review by the University of Colorado School of Architecture and Planning demonstrated that cellulose loses 26.4% less warmth after some time than fiberglass. Couple these sensible choices with Hiles’ other efficient elements and it is certain why properties created by Marcus Hiles feel really extravagant. The homes’ high-quality weather stripping keeps cooled air in, the dual pane windows diminish heat loss by as much as 75 percent, and attics are fortified with highly reflective radiant barrier roof panels that reflect heat and “reduce up to 97 percent of heat transfer, making attics about 30 degrees cooler,” says Hiles. From Texas’ scorching summers to the chilliest winter evenings, the full depth cellulose sound insulation of Hiles homes guarantees security and solace year round.

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