In addition to the ecologically sound and well-furnished details of the properties themselves, Marcus Hiles also guarantees that providing green spaces is a top priority within Western Rim’s developments. Communities center on expansive urban and private parks, often providing on-site walking trails and dog run areas, while preserving existing trees and vegetation on and around the properties; the native greenery removes air pollutants while storing and sequestering carbon dioxide, lowering greenhouse gas emissions overall by reducing energy demand. As Hiles has continues to build upmarket homes in the Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio suburbs, he has added to the natural beauty of those regions by increasing the tree canopy beyond their pre-developed state—more than 3,000 trees were planted last year alone. “We will continue to exhibit leadership in energy conservation and respect for the environment, while engaging our communities in ongoing efforts to safeguard the planet,” Hiles confirms.

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